Chapora … Always Dil Chahta Hai

Evening time, away from the crowd, staring at the setting sun from an elevated distance, sipping a cup of coffee and watching the sun plunging into the sea in slow motion. A dream world isn’t it? Well, not for someone who is in Goa. Goa as a destination is not only about the beaches, night life, and food. It also has a variety of options for nature lovers. Now its up to you which one to go for.

When I faced this situation I knew that I had to pick Chapora fort for an experience. Located at Bardez, a 40 minutes ride from the famous Baga region, this fort offers some breathtaking natural beauty, especially during the sunset. The view of sea from the fort walls, the green surrounding all over, the far off beaches, and the ever charming  Chapora river flowing through the backyard of the fort are simply mesmerizing. Add to it a small hike experience to reach the fort doors with the cool sea breeze blowing at you.

Not to be missed, we started well before sunset and reached the destination with some guidance from the locals and hiked up to the walls of the fort. The hike is a short one and non-hikers can easily reach up by a 15 minutes effort. The view all around starts grabbing your attention pretty early, specially when you observe the fort walls and the sea view straight besides it. Midway of the hike you can feel the breeze on your face and it starts soothing your senses from there on. Once you reach the top make sure you have your eyes all around you. There’s absolutely no harm in letting the sea breeze make your senses calm down before you proceed ahead. And from here on I will allow the pics to do all the talking. Check it out yourself.




The first view of the fort … From the parking area


Fort Sunset_wm

The sea, fort and the diving sun.



One side view from the top ..



sunset wall

Heading towards the eastern wall .. with the sun ready to take a plunge.


The Dil Chahta Hai wall … Remember the movie? 😉

amazing sunset

The final glimpse of the day …