About Us

Hola Folks, thanks for stopping by. You are on a travel blog shaped by my mind. But wait – who am I? Let me introduce myself here before I write anything else.

I am Sumeet Chakraborty, a Business Analyst based out of Pune (currently located in Hyderabad) having a travel crazy mind. Me along with my better half Adrita, thought of this blog which will allow us to stretch our wings of travel and connect with the wonderful travel minded people from around the world.

It’s been a couple of years, but the journey has just started. All I was left with a dream, a dream to travel, share and connect. Share the destinations, culture, cuisine, and the amazing experiences we gather by traveling the world and this wonderful country named ‘India’.

I have been traveling since last 10 years and I know there isn’t any full stop to it. Life is evolving and so is our passion to travel. First as a child, then as a student, young professional, a married couple and now as a father/mother – throughout this journey of life, we have only seen our passion increase in leaps and bounds. And now here we are – on the same page – face to face with you all – sharing our stories, experiences, culture and lot more. All this on ‘Travelarge’.

Welcome to Travelarge, an interactive blog that will take you deep into the destinations which you have always admired. It will give you all a platform to learn and share, read and feel and above all, experience the best side of life.

So what’s the wait for? A journey awaits – throughout this beautiful world, to see it, cherish it and to celebrate it – as large as we can. Welcome abroad on ‘Travelarge’. Explore, Dream, Discover.