How to plan a relaxing summer vacation in Goa

Sunset from Candolim Beach

Goa is generally not considered a popular summer destination, more so because of the scorching heat and humid climate. Especially it is considered a big turn-off if families with kids have to face such extreme summer conditions. However, if the focus is to spend some relaxing summer time with family then Goa certainly takes on a whole new dimension during the summer months provided the vacation is planned properly.

The summer months last from April to June in Goa and the temperature may range from 28 to 38 degrees Celcius, with humidity on the very high side. On top of this the risk of getting sun tan always looms high. However, with some unique ideas, all these discomforts can be easily dealt with without missing any of the Goa vibes during the summer holidays.

Plan your stay: Planning the right place to stay with your family is of utmost importance during the summer months. Goa as a popular tourist destination has so many resorts to choose from that suit all kinds of pockets. It is recommended to opt for a resort or hotel that can offer a variety of activities indoors and is closer to the beach. The availability of a shaded or indoor swimming pool that is well maintained can prove to be a game changer. And during the summer months, one can get great deals on the tariffs. There are many budget resorts of these kinds in Goa and one need not spend sleepless nights trying to find one.

Plan your day activities: The hottest hour during summer lasts from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. Avoid going out during these times and instead opt to enjoy some good pool time or indulge in activities within the resort/hotel. At the max, you may opt to go out for a lunch in nearby restaurants and explore a variety of Goan cuisines. Spending a nice pool time can not only excite your kids but it can prove to be exactly the right therapy for a tired body and soul. Properties with pools in Goa generally have kids pool attached to the adult pool, so you may not worry if your child is very small. I took my 1-year-old daughter to the kid’s pool a few years back and she enjoyed it to the core. Now she is 4 and enjoyed the adult pool in our Goa resort last week. We opted for a floating ring for her and it works like magic.

Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort. This is where I stayed with my family in April 2023

Beach Time: The best time to enjoy the beach during peak summers would be early morning, between 7 to 10, and evenings between 4 to 6. You will get ample watersport options during these hours and be rest assured that you won’t miss out on any action or fun. You may opt to play in the beach waters between 10 to 4 as well, but the risk of getting sunburned is the highest during these hours. Even the best sunscreens may not be able to save your skin from getting tanned. So plan accordingly.

My little one enjoying her beach time during sunset.

Evenings: As soon as the sun goes down, Goa transforms itself into a place that knows no limits. Beach shacks are turned into party zones and romantic beachside restaurants, markets light up, streets get filled up with interesting eating joints, restaurants start playing live music in between the best of the ambiances they had to offer, Casinos start rolling the dice, and the list goes on. Spending some quiet time by the beach is also a great option during the evenings as the sound of the waves and cool breeze from the sea may work like magic for a tired body. However, if you like to stay in peace and avoid party music, opt to stay in South Goa instead of North. After all, Goa is known for its great nightlife. In short – Goa just wakes up once the sun sets in the horizon.

Take care of your health: It’s of utmost importance to keep the body hydrated for everyone. Kids tend to get dehydrated pretty soon so ensure lots of fluid intake for them throughout the entire day. Use good quality sunscreen before going out in the sun. Protect your eyes with good quality sunglasses and also wear a cap/hat to save your head from the heat.

What to wear: Always be on light cotton clothes and avoid wearing heavy clothes like denims. Goa is a place that doesn’t judge you with your clothes, so you may want to experiment a little without thinking too much. And it is very important to carry your sunglasses, caps/hats while going out during the day time.

Transport: Goa is a place where renting a cab with a driver is very expensive. Whereas renting a self-driven car can prove very cost-effective. As of April 2023, the rental rate for a hatchback car is between Rs 2500 – 4000 for 2 days excluding fuel in the Candolim area (North Goa). And for two-wheelers, the rate is around 1000 – 3000 INR (excluding fuel) for two days. Rates would differ based on the make of the vehicle and one gets to choose from a wide range. As public transport, buses do ply, but the service is not very frequent or reliable and it is recommended to avoid it unless you are fine with the summer hassles of irregular and packed buses.

Summer Sightseeing: Goa is not conducive for sightseeing during the summers as it gets really hot and humid. It is recommended that family travelers spend relaxing and quality time instead of exhausting their time in Goa during the hot months. However, if you are a first-time visitor to Goa, then you might not like to miss out on sightseeing. So for sightseeing with family and kids, it is recommended to hire a cab – either self-driven or rented with a driver. Avoid opting for public transport as they are not only uncomfortable during summers but the services to the main sightseeing destinations are either rare or indirect, which might lead to hassles. Couples can rent two-wheelers and explore.

In conclusion, a summer vacation in Goa with family can be an unforgettable experience. From enjoying the sun sand and sea to exploring the rich cultural heritage or just relaxing with your family, Goa has something in store for everyone. With the right planning, you can not only beat the summer heat, but you can make the most of your time in Goa and create memories that would last a lifetime.

So pack your bags, book your tickets, and get ready to experience the magic of Goa in the summer with your loved ones.

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