Pushkar – The land of many colors

When we talk of Rajasthan, the state has a lot to offer. But Pushkar stands apart for being simple and yet so colorful. Famous for its Brahma temple and cattle fair which takes place every winter, this town may not offer you forts and history of Rajasthan, but it does offer you a lot that remains with you for a lifetime.

Pushkar is all about celebrating Indian small town life and culture. Starting with the cattle fair or Kartik Purnima or the Diwali, Pushkar never fails to celebrate. Be it with color, food, light decorations, camel performances, village fair and the list goes on. Definitely the best time to visit Pushkar will be the time during Kartik Purnima, but one can always get glimpses of Camels, the colorful people, the Brahma temple and the lip smacking yet simple food of the town.

When I had my luck to visit Pushkar last year, I was fortunate to experience a setting which seems long lost in our urban life. I had tried to capture them in my lens. Do go through them below and let me know how you felt.

It was an early morning start for us. When the camel herds were in readiness.

Well.. and early morning smoke. Not an ordinary one, it is Ganja 🙂

Some warmth and music to make the chilly morning winds feel better.
Camel Herd
Once the light is out, its time for work.
And he is being readied.
A final inspection before the long day begins
Come-on guys, time to wake up.
Giving the tourists a good ride on the camel back is a way to earn.
Guess What? Yeah – Dal Bati for breakfast.
Families on the street of Pushkar
A rare and exciting talent
Also loved his mustaches 🙂
The valued possession of a Snake Charmer
Snake Charmers – Coming alive the memories of yesteryear
Along with all other things, the turbans were equally colorful and eye catching.
Siblings of Pushkar
Here we come ..
A colorful appearance of a thread seller.
Guess What? You wanna dress up a Camel? Then you should check these out.
A moment to cherish for this couple.
And some more smoke in the air.
So many ways to dress yourself up …
Waiting for ones turn.
Its Camel everywhere. And why not, after all its the Camel fair of Pushkar.
And some Chat on the street.
A veggies seller and the toy shop.
Women added more color with their colorful attires.
Long day slowly coming to an end.
The reflection of the day end
As the clock keeps ticking, we move more closer towards our destination.
Its almost dark now, and few more steps remains.
And finally, the last light of the day.

A photo blog by – Sumeet Chakraborty

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