Srinagar to Leh : A photo blog featuring the wonders of a fascinating road trip.

“No matter how sophisticated you may be, a large granite mountain cannot be denied – it speaks in silence to the very core of your being” – Ansel Adams.

When we started from Srinagar, we didn’t knew what lies ahead during our road journey to Leh. The first stop was Sonmarg for the night, and early morning next day we would leave for Kargil and halt again before we start for Leh the next day. But we shouldn’t underestimate the uncertainty of Himalayan roads- never, ever. After we reached Sonmarg, we learnt that our stay in Sonmarg will be a night longer as the next day the vehicle movement will be from the opposite direction (i.e. from Leh and not towards Leh). Yeah, its a reality, due to the narrow roads of Zoji-La Pass vehicle moves only one way each day.

Never mind, after enjoying Sonmarg for 1 full day and 2 nights, it was time to start as early as possible for Leh. But now we cant afford to halt at Kargil, rather we need to touch Leh the same day. A gruesome road journey, and definitely not for someone who doesn’t like travel challenges.

The first challenge was to cross Zoji-La Pass, the narrow mountain pass made famous during Kargil War of 1999 by the media showing the Army convoys passing one by one through the narrow and dangerous lanes. It really was scary. Narrow, sharp bends, unfavorable road conditions contributed to the danger every single moment. These conditions gives rise to traffic jams every day and we had to wait patiently for around 4 hours before we can cross the pass.

But amidst all the obstacles and frustrations of the traffic snarl, we were treated to some jaw dropping views of Himalayan mountains. The view continued for the entire day. Each region we crossed, we were treated to some or the other view to cherish. Truly, it was a once in a lifetime experience. We didn’t miss the scenic views of Manali -Leh highway which was our original plan. But had to be changed at the last moment due to heavy snowfall.

In this post, I wish to bring to you some of my favorite photos clicked on that day. They mostly feature the mesmerizing mountain peaks and the beauty I witnessed. it starts from the first light of the day to the moment we touched Leh. Each photograph speaks volume for the Himalayan beauty we witnessed during this journey. And it will remain the best and unforgettable one.

The first rays on the peak. A close-up moment.
The narrow and mountainous stretches of Zoji-La Pass
The beauty that lies above the pass.
The scenic roadside views after we crossed Zoji La
When the Sun was up
Closer to the sky
Find the road – Yeah, that’s where the path lies.
The White Ghost – As if one has covered it with a milky white sheet.
Each peak has it own unique way to present itself.
You feel short of words … the beauty felt to much to describe.
If you trust in God, isn’t this the place where you might want to get in touch with him?
Uff! those curves
The more I travel on these roads, the more it takes me into divinity.
Sit back and admire the beauty of nature.
Cover me with white – Oh beautiful Nature
Nature keeps changing it color … but the beauty remains intact.
More to admire … Follow the river trails
A tinge of Green
A frozen water body ..
Trust the nature, keep flowing with the water, it will lead you to your own self.
The road that takes one to Leh
The landscape changes as soon as one enters the Ladakh region

I will take you deep into the experince of Ladakh, but for now I think you have enjoyed the mezmerising beauty of the road journey from Srinagar to Leh. I am eager to know your views and you can express them by commenting below.

Stay tuned for more of Ladakh.

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