Celebrating Kartik Purnima – Pushkar Lake

It was early winter and Pushkar was buzzing with joy. The little town was full of visitors who wanted to get the feel of what the camel fair and Kartik Purnima was all about. And the town was at its.. As every year, Pushkar has kept no stone unturned to celebrate the festival of Kartik Purnima.

For me, it was first time in Pushkar and I started by visiting the holy Hindu lake “Pushkar Lake”. Every year thousands of people visit this place where Pushkar fair takes place. This lake holds religious importance as its one of the venue for the prestigious Kumbh mela. During Kartik Purnima this lake completely gets transformed into its decorative best, as if a new Hindu bride.

When I reached the banks of the lake, it had lights all around. Artificial as well as Diyas (oil lit lanterns). The first look was mesmerizing. On top of it was the display of fire crackers. It made everyone feel that something special is in store for sure. People with different interest flocked this area where some came for religious reason, some to light the diyas, tourists enjoying the beauty all around and photographers were busy capturing these beautiful moments. It wasn’t different for me as I also tried to capture few moments which I have uploaded below. Do have a look and and let me know if you like them in the comments section below.

The Diyas
The decorated Pushkar lake
All corners were illuminated
And there were fireworks as well
The environment soothed everyone’s senses. Worth a place to spend time solo time.
As if the starts fell down from sky.
Some more fireworks
A sacred Banyan tree on the banks
Another view of the lake
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