Baljees, Shimla – The makers of the perfect Gulab Jamun

Ever wondered how a perfect Gulab Jamun tastes? Well, lets list down some of the must have qualities of it : Soft, Juicy, sweet, and some love it being served hot.

Well, for those readers who don’t know what a Gulab Jamun is, it is a famous sweet created by milk solids. Round in shape, the milk solids are deep-fried and dipped into sugar syrup to bring out the perfect blend of taste.

The search for the perfect Gulab Jamun took me to Shimla. Yes, you read it correct, Shimla, the Himalayan hill town of Himachal Pradesh, India. And look no further than Baljees sweet mart, located bang on Shimla’s very popular mall road.

Perfect texture, balanced sweetness, and undoubtedly the softest Gulab jamun I have ever had – these qualities makes this experience unique. And guess what, they serve it hot, which is perfect in the cold weather of this hill city. For me, if not the best, it’s among the best.

As of Nov 2017, 1 piece of Gulab Jamun is priced at Rs 25, which may seem expensive to the majority, but considering the taste, its worth an experience.

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